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Research Commentary: FERC Order 2023: Will it Unplug the Bottleneck?

Les Armstrong, Alexa Canaan, Christopher R. Knittel, and Gilbert E. Metcalf, December 2023

Abstract Full Commentary [PDF]

Consequences of the Missing Risk Market Problem for Power System Emissions

Emil Dimanchev, Steven A. Gabriel, Lina Reichenberg, and Magnus Korpås, November 2023

Abstract Full Paper [PDF] Research Brief

Online Learning in Multi-unit Auctions

Simina Brânzei, Mahsa Derakhshan, Negin Golrezaei, and Yanjun Han, October 2023

Abstract Full Paper [PDF] Research Brief

Research Commentary: Comments on Draft Revisions to OMB Circulars A-4 and A-94

Paul Joskow, Christopher Knittel, Deborah Lucas, Gilbert Metcalf, John Parsons, Robert Pindyck, and Richard Schmalensee, July 2023

Abstract Full Commentary [PDF]

Cost-Efficient Pathways to Decarbonizing Portland Cement Production

Gunther Glenk, Anton Kelnhofer, Rebecca Meier, and Stefan Reichelstein, July 2023

Abstract Full Paper [PDF] Research Brief

Climate Impacts of Bitcoin Mining in the U.S.

Christian Stoll, Lena Klaaßen, Ulrich Gallersdörfer, and Alexander Neumüller, June 2023

Abstract Full Paper [PDF] Research Brief

Research Commentary: Economy-Wide Decarbonization Requires Fixing Retail Electricity Rates

Tim Schittekatte, Dharik Mallapragada, Paul L. Joskow, and Richard Schmalensee, January 2023

Abstract Full Commentary [PDF]