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Challenges and Opportunities for Decarbonizing Power Systems in the US Midcontinent

Pablo Duenas-Martinez, Karen Tapia-Ahumada, Joshua Hodge, Raanan Miller, and John E. Parsons

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Policy Options to Enable an Equitable Energy Transition

Daniel Raimi, Aurora Barone, Sanya Carley, David Foster, Emily Grubert, Julia Haggerty, Jake Higdon, Michael Kearney, David Konisky, Jennifer Michael, Gilbert Michaud, Sade Nabahe, Nina Peluso, Molly Robertson, and Tony Reames

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Social Impacts of Energy Transition

Jason W. Beckfield, D. A. Evrard, Robert J. Sampson, and Mary C. Waters

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Does the U.S. Export Global Warming? Coal Trade and the Shale Gas Boom

Christopher R. Knittel, Konstantinos Metaxoglou, Anson Soderbery, and André Trindade

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Tight Oil Development Economics: Benchmarks, Breakeven Points, and Inelasticities

Robert L. Kleinberg, Sergey Paltsev, Charles K. Ebinger, David Hobbs, and Tim Boersma

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The Local Economic and Welfare Consequences of Hydraulic Fracturing

Alexander W. Bartik, Janet Curie, Michael Greenstone, and Christopher R. Knittel

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Will We Ever Stop Using Fossil Fuels?

Thomas Covert, Michael Greenstone, and Christopher R. Knittel

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