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Colluding Against Environmental Regulation

Jorge Alé-Chilet, Cuicui Chen, Jing Li, and Mathias Reynaert

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Policies for Electrifying the Light-Duty Vehicle Fleet in the United States

Cassandra Cole, Michael Droste, Christopher R. Knittel, Shanjun Li, and James H. Stock

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A Multi-control Climate Policy Process for a Designated Decision Maker

Henri F. Drake, Ronald L. Rivest, Alan Edelman, and John Deutch

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Does the U.S. Export Global Warming? Coal Trade and the Shale Gas Boom

Christopher R. Knittel, Konstantinos Metaxoglou, Anson Soderbery, and André Trindade

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Anticipation and Environmental Regulation

Katherine Rittenhouse and Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins

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