Each year, CEEPR hosts two Energy and Environmental Policy Research Workshops in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Partnering with the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG) at the University of Cambridge, CEEPR also convenes an annual International Energy Policy Conference at varying locations outside the US.

Attendance at these events is by invitation only, and the proceedings are subject to Chatham House rules.

An established format and the continuity of participation from CEEPR Associates deepen the quality of the discussion and afford our faculty and research affiliates insights that help shape the ongoing research agenda and sustain its relevance. CEEPR Associates have access to presentation slides and video recordings from past meetings. The most recent past workshop is highlighted below, and older events are archived beneath it. Clicking on a past event will open the tab with the available workshop materials.

Upcoming CEEPR Workshops and Conferences

2023 CEEPR Fall Research Workshop

Monday and Tuesday, October 2-3, 2023
Washington, DC

2024 CEEPR Spring Research Workshop

Thursday and Friday, May 16-17, 2024
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person CEEPR Research Workshops were suspended in 2020 and 2021. Please view the Webinar page to view CEEPR research content during these years.

Research Workshops Archive


2016 Fall MIT CEEPR Research Workshop | 2016-11-17 | Cambridge, MA

2016 EnBW-MIT CEEPR Energy Policy Conference: Predicting the Unpredictable | 2016-09-08 | Berlin, Germany

2016 CEEPR & EPRG European Energy Policy Conference | 2016-07-07 | Paris, France

2016 Spring MIT CEEPR Research Workshop | 2016-05-12 | Cambridge, MA