Heidi Li is a senior studying Materials Science and Engineering, concentrating in Energy Studies and minoring in Public Policy. She is passionate about environmental sustainability and would like to explore how technology and policy can impact the energy transition. In the summer after her junior year she worked at CEEPR under the MIT Roosevelt Project. The project used case studies targeting specific communities in vulnerable areas to propose methods for a more sustainable future. Li focused on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, evaluating the efficiency of an energy transition from natural gas and fossil fuels to carbon-capture, which would mean redistributing the carbon dioxide produced by the coal industry.

Looking ahead, Li is currently working on a UROP project, called Climate Action Through Education (CATE), that designs climate change curriculum for K-12 grades and aims to show how climate change and energy are integral to peoples’ daily lives.

Profile on MIT News: https://news.mit.edu/2022/heidi-li-communities-ecosystems-0215