Here is a listing of in-person campus seminars and online webinars that CEEPR or CEEPR affiliated faculty have scheduled.

In-person seminars are invitation only. If you are interested in attending an upcoming campus seminar, please email to inquire further.

An archive of past Seminar and Webinar materials is below.

Upcoming Seminars

MIT Environmental and Energy Economics Seminar Series

This in-person seminar series is jointly organized by the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT Department of Economics. This year’s series is run by Professor Namrata Kala and Professor Jacquelyn Pless.

March 9th, 2:30-4pm, E62-350
Eyal Frank (University of Chicago)

April 6th, 2:30-4pm, E62-350
Josh Graff Zivin (UC-San Diego)

May 4th, 2:30-4pm, E62-350
Reed Walker (UC-Berkeley)

Seminar and Webinar Archive


2021 Fall Webinar Series | 2021-09-23 | Cambridge, MA

2021 Spring Webinar Series | 2021-02-10 | Cambridge, MA