Jean-Michel Glachant is the Director of the Florence School of Regulation and the Holder of the Loyola de Palacio Chair, since 2008. Glachant received his Ph.D. in economics at La Sorbonne in France. He worked in the industry and private sector before becoming professor at La Sorbonne.

He has been advisor of DG TREN, DG COMP and DG RESEARCH at the European Commission and of the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE). He has been a coordinator and scientific advisor of several European research projects.

He is a research partner in the CEEPR at MIT (USA), the EPRG at Cambridge University. Jean-Michel Glachant has been the first editor-in-chief of EEEP: Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy (an IAEE journal) and is Vice-President of both the French and the International Association for Energy Economics.

His main research interests are the building of a common European energy policy (security of supply, renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy technology policy, and climate change policy), the achievement of the European energy internal market (design, regulation and competition policy), the industrial organization and market strategy of energy companies in a wave of innovation (decarbonisation, decentralisation, and digitalisation).