Emil Dimanchev is a Research Affiliate at MIT CEEPR, and a PhD Candidate in electric power engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). His research explores climate and energy policy design leveraging diverse techno-economic methods, with a focus on operations research and energy systems modeling. He has testified before legislators on climate policy, served as a consultant to government officials on carbon pricing, and briefed senior staff at Fortune Global 500 companies. Emil also serves as a Superforecaster at Good Judgment, where he provides probabilistic forecasts on a variety of topics.

Before joining MIT, he was a senior carbon market analyst at Thomson Reuters Point Carbon, where he advised on the reform of the EU Emissions Trading System. He received a M.Sc. from the MIT Technology and Policy Program and a B.A. in Mathematical Economics from Colorado College. You can follow his latest work on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmilDimanchev