Dr. Jean-Pierre Hansen will teach the IAP course “Power Systems Economics: Theories and Reality.” Dr. Hansen is a former CEO at the Belgian electricity company, Electrabel, and currently a member of the Executive Committee of its parent energy company, GDF SUEZ where he is Chairman of the Energy Policy and Market Risk Committees. The series of four lectures will be held from January 24 to 27. Program details are as follows:

Mon Jan 24, 02:30-04:00pm, E52-175
Did you say “Market”?… (How) Does it (really) work for electricity
Tue Jan 25, 02:30-04:00pm, E52-175

Ricardo’s nuclear power plants: why should a manager know the Theory of Rent?
Wed Jan 26, 02:30-04:00pm, E52-175

Market Power: how can it be measured – proved?
Thu Jan 27, 02:30-04:00pm, E52-175

From C. Adams to Averch-Johnson… and many others: the myth of perfect regulation.

(January 2011)