The Roosevelt Project

Publications and Other Materials

The Roosevelt Project takes a multidisciplinary approach to assessing the unique challenges posed by the transition to deep decarbonization and the opportunities for intervention from both public and private stakeholders to accelerate and facilitate the transition. To that end, we commissioned nine individual white papers on crosscutting topics related to this transition:


The Roosevelt Project: A New Deal for
Employment, Energy, and Environment
by Ernest J. Moniz and Michael J. Kearney


The Roosevelt Project Working Paper Series

Assessing the Role of Public Policy in Industrial Transitions: How Distinct Regional Contexts Inform Comprehensive Planning by Nina Peluso, Michael Kearney, and Richard Lester
Social Impacts of Energy Transition by Jason W. Beckfield, D. A. Evrad, Robert J. Sampson, and Mary C. Waters
Distributed Effects of Climate Policy: A Machine Learning Approach by Tomas Green and Christopher R. Knittel
Building the Energy Infrastructure Necessary for Deep Decarbonization throughout the United States by David Hsu and Darryle Ulama
Public Attitudes on Energy and the Climate by Stephen Ansolabehere, Elizabeth Thom, and Dustin Tingley
Just Institutions for Deep Decarbonization? Essential Lessons from 20th Century Regional Economic and Industrial Transitions in the United States by Daniel Gallagher and Amy Glasmeier
Energy Workforce Development in the 21st Century

by David Foster, Sade Nabahe, and Benny Siu Hon Ng

Energy and Manufacturing in the United States by David Foster, Sade Nabahe, and Benny Siu Hon Ng
Fostering Innovative Growth in Regions Exposed to Low Carbon Transition by Valerie J. Karplus, Michael Kearney, and Sohum Pawar


Case Study Reports

How the Gulf Coast Can Lead the Energy Transition
preliminary draft)

by Jason Beckfield, Devin Booker, Kerry Bowie, Brianna Castro, Christine DeMyers, Daniel Alain Evrard, Ayodele-Theard-Lewis, and Darryle Ulama


Other Publications

Policy Options to Enable an Equitable Energy Transition

by Daniel Raimi, Aurora Barone, Sanya Carley, David Foster, Emily Grubert, Julia Haggerty, Jake Higdon, Michael Kearney, David Konisky, Jennifer Michael, Gilbert Michaud, Sade Nabahe, Nina Peluso, Molly Robertson, and Tony Reames

Video Recordings

The Roosevelt Project: Gulf Coast Case Study Webinar
(September 23, 2021)

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The Roosevelt Project Launch Webinar
(September 10, 2020)
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