Central to the mission of the Center is the communication of research results
to inform and support decision making in industry and government. Publications
are a key element of this process. On these pages you will find …

  • the CEEPR Working Paper series, created to present current results and
  • the Reprint Series, which provides wider access to Center research that
    has appeared in professional journals,
  • the Books page, which profiles works published under CEEPR auspices,
  • the Emissions Trading page, which is a comprehensive index of working
    papers, reprints and books on a topic that generates many inquiries to
    the Center, and
  • the Coal, Geothermal and Nuclear
    pages, which link you to three
    recent MIT studies on key energy technologies of great interest in current
    debates. This site links you to the location where you can download each study.

Sample publications




MIT CEEPR is jointly sponsored by the MIT Sloan School of Management, the MIT Department of Economics, and the MIT Energy Initiative.