Central to the mission of the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR) is the dissemination of work by its faculty and research affiliates to inform policy debates and support decision making in the public and private sectors. Publications are the main channel for dissemination of research output, and include working papers, reprints, and other formats. Each category is described in greater detail below, with a link leading to available publications. Most publications are available free of cost, except for the most recent entries in the Working Paper series, which are initially accessibly to CEEPR Associates only.


Working Papers

The Working Papers section of the CEEPR site provides MIT faculty and research affiliates, as well as external faculty and researchers affiliated with CEEPR, with a channel through which to disseminate their  energy and environmental policy research prior to or in lieu of publication in academic journals. The Working Papers range from short commentaries to longer technical reports and have not been through a selection process or peer-reviewed.  CEEPR’s posting of a Working Paper, therefore, does not constitute an endorsement of the accuracy or merit of the Working Paper.  Please follow this link to access a list of available Working Papers.



A significant share of the research output generated by our faculty and research affiliates is published in peer-reviewed journals, books, or other media. These channels are an important channel for research output to reach a wider audience and establish credibility with the academic community and the broader public. Please follow this link to access a bibliography of published work and, subject to applicable copyright laws, download free reprints.


Other Publications

Other publications include expert testimony before legislative, judicial and regulatory agencies by CEEPR faculty and research affiliates, relevant MIT student theses, policy digests, and contributions to larger interdisciplinary studies that leverage MIT’s unique research capabilities across the sciences and engineering. Please follow this link to access a list of other publications.