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The Paris Climate Summit: Prospects for a Global Agreement | 2015-11-05 | MIT E51-325

In a few short weeks, the international community will converge in Paris for the 21st installment of the annual United Nations climate summit (COP21). Charged with elaborating an architecture for international climate cooperation beyond 2020, negotiators are expected to conclude an ambitious work stream that has spanned several years and faced countless diplomatic challenges. What can we realistically expect from the Paris climate summit, and what are the positions of some of the most influential actors going into the negotiations?

Please join leading authorities on international climate policy for a timely discussion of the prospects for COP21.

Professor Michael Grubb
University College London
Professor Henry D. Jacoby
MIT Sloan School of Management
Professor Valerie J. Karplus
MIT Sloan School of Management

Moderated by:
Michael Mehling
MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research

A video of this event can be viewed on our YouTube channel or at this link.


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