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The Industrial Heartland Study

THE INDUSTRIAL HEARTLAND case study focuses on Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana and the contained Midwestern motor vehicles manufacturing region. Ohio and Indiana are highly susceptible to future climate damages, particularly with respect to high heat, extreme rainfall, and water stress. Michigan’s environmental future is relatively less fraught, but the state could eventually shoulder the burdens of its southern neighbors as they face increasing climate damages. The region’s economic future is integrally tied to its motor vehicles manufacturing industry—any future planning should confront rapid changes in that sector accompanied by the electrification of transportation. All three states are densely populated, stand to retire substantial fossil infrastructure, and must consider a transition away from traditional energy sources across all sectors (electricity, transportation & buildings).


Study Team Members

David Foster
Case Study Lead

Nina Peluso
MIT Research Assistant


Study Research Partners

Sanya Carley
Indiana University

Keith Cooley
Principia, LLC

Kristin Dziczek
Center for Automotive Research

Christina Hajj
DTE Energy

David Konisky
Indiana University

Jennifer Silva
Indiana University

Brett Smith
Center for Automotive Research

Jalonne White-Newsome
Empowering a Green Environment and Economy, LLC

Amanda Woodrum
Policy Matters Ohio


Note: All of these Research Partners also serve on the Advisory Board


Study Advisory Board

Chuck Evans

Susan Helper
Case Western Reserve University

Bob King
United Auto Workers

Paul Mascarenas
Ford Motor Company

Teresa Sebastian
Dominion Asset Group

Don Stebbins
Superior Industries and Visteon