The Roosevelt Project

The Gulf Study

THE GULF case study includes counties surrounding the Texas and Louisiana border, a region that contributes substantially to American oil and gas production in the US and its related petrochemical and chemicals’ industries. Texas alone is home to 37% of total US crude oil production, 24% total natural gas production, in addition to the most installed wind energy. This region will experience adverse effects due to climate change and potentially experience an economic downturn if decarbonization plans are not designed with economic resilience in mind. Climate change will pose high water stress that will affect agriculture and impact oil and gas production. Rising global temperatures will also increase hurricane and tornado risks. Economic and climate impacts will vary depending on region, but its distributed, unique strengths are accessible to solve such challenges.


Study Team Members

Jason W. Beckfield
Case Study Lead

Richard L. Schmalensee *
MIT Faculty Collaborator

Mary C. Waters *
Harvard Faculty Collaborator

Brianna Castro
Harvard Research Assistant

D. A. Evrard
Harvard Research Assistant

Darryle Ulama
MIT Research Assistant 

*Note: These members also serve on the Study Advisory Board 


Study Research Partners

Devin Booker
Xavier University of Louisiana

Christine DeMyers *
Pacific Institute

Kristina Peterson *
Lowlander Center

Ayodele Theard-Lewis
Xavier University of Louisiana

*Note: These members also serve on the Study Advisory Board

Study Advisory Board

Amy Bellone-Hite
Xavier University of Louisiana

Charles Boustany
Former Congressman, (R-LA)

Kathleen Cooper
Southern Methodist University 

Albert Girgis

Keala J. Hughes
Former US EPA

Kenneth B. Medlock III
Rice University

Julie Nelson

Emily Reichert
Greentown Labs

Brittany L. Tarufelli
Pacific NW National Lab




Case Study Materials

How the Gulf Coast Can Lead the Energy Transition
preliminary draft)

by Jason Beckfield, Devin Booker, Kerry Bowie, Brianna Castro, Christine DeMyers, Daniel Alain Evrard, Ayodele-Theard-Lewis, and Darryle Ulama

The Roosevelt Project: Gulf Coast Case Study Webinar
(September 23, 2021)

Link to Video Recording