Research Workshops

Each year, CEEPR hosts two Energy and Environmental Policy Research Workshops in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Partnering with the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG) at the University of Cambridge, CEEPR also convenes an annual European Energy Policy Conference at varying locations in Europe. Attendance at these events is by invitation only, and the proceedings are subject to Chatham House rules.


An established format and the continuity of participation from CEEPR Associates deepen the quality of the discussion and afford our faculty and research affiliates insights that help shape the ongoing research agenda and sustain its relevance. CEEPR Associates have access to presentation slides and video recordings from past meetings. Please follow this link to see the agenda of the latest workshop and archived material from earlier workshop installments. 

Most recent workshop agenda

2017 Spring MIT CEEPR Research Workshop | 2017-04-27 | Cambridge, MA


Agenda Document
Speaker and Moderator Bios Document


Session 1

Improving Policies and Strategies on Natural Gas Markets by Jean-Baptiste Dubreuil and Joël Enderlin, ENGIE Document Video
Tax Preferences for Domestic Oil and Gas Production by Gilbert E. Metcalf, Tufts University Document / Video


Session 2

Are Consumers Poorly-Informed about Fuel Economy? Evidence from Two Experiments by Christopher R. Knittel, MIT Document / Video
Compatibility and Investment in the US Electric Vehicle Market by Jing Li,  Harvard University Document / Video


Session 3

Internal Carbon Pricing: Trends, Drivers and Outcomes by Nicolette Bartlett, CDP Document / Video
Beyond Carbon Neutral: Global Carbon Program by TJ DiCaprio, Microsoft Corporation Document / Video


Session 4

Prospects for a Coal Renaissance by James H. Stock, Harvard University Document / Video
Coal and the Future by Richard Reavey, Cloud Peak Energy Document / Video
Prospects for a Coal Renaissance: Potential New Non-BTU Markets by Kipp A. Coddington, University of Wyoming Document / Video


Session 5

NYISO Market Initiatives: Distributed Energy Resource Roadmap and Integrating Public Policy by James Pigeon, NYISO Document / Video
Financial Arbitrage in Electricity Markets by Ignacia Mercadal, MIT Document / Video


Session 6

Wind Capacity Investments: Inefficient Drivers and Long-Term Impacts by Ian Schneider, MIT Document / Video
Impact of De-Carbonization Policies on Electricity System Generation Mix by John M. Deutch, MIT Document / Video


Keynote Address: An Act Combating Climate Change by Senator Michael Barrett, Massachusetts Senate Document / Video  






2016 Fall MIT CEEPR Research Workshop | 2016-11-17 | Cambridge, MA

  • Agenda: Document

  • Speaker and Moderator Bios: Document

  • Session 1: Oil and Gas: Understanding the Changed Context by Sergey Paltsev, MIT  Document Video
  • Session 1: The Changing Structure of Energy Futures Markets? by John Parsons, MIT  Document Video
  • Session 2: The Price Elasticity of US Shale Oil Reserves by James Smith, Southern Methodist University  Document / Video
  • Session 2: Lower Oil Prices and the US Economy: Is This Time Different by Lutz Kilian, University of Michigan Document / Video
  • Session 3: The Brazilian Commitment to Combating Climate Change: Energy Production and Use by Mauricio Tolmasquim, Harvard University  Document / Video
  • Session 3: Forest Resilience and the Social Cost of Carbon by Sergio Franklin, SUSEP  Document / Video
  • Session 4: How Regressive Are Fuel Economy Standards? by Christopher Knittel, MIT  Document / Video
  • Session 4: Black Carbon Emissions: Technology and Policies in the Transport Sector by Thomas Brewer, ICTSD  Document / Video
  • Session 5: Nuclear: Grand Opportunities and Grand Challenges by Jacopo Buongiorno, MIT  Document / Video
  • Session 5: Nuclear Highlights by Charles Rossmann, Southern Company  Document / Video
  • Session 6: Energy Storage and Renewable Energy by Jesse Jenkins, MIT  Document / Video
  • Session 6: Renewable Energy Mandates: Integrating Rapid Growth in Wind and Solar by Bill White, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center  Document / Video
  • Session 6: Integrating Wind Energy by Mary Ellen Paravalos, National Grid  Document / Video

  • Keynote Address: UK Energy Market Reform by Michael Grubb, University College London Document / Video

Transatlantic Perspectives on Energy Storage: Technology, Policy, and Finance | 2016-10-21 | MIT Samberg Conference Center

  • Agenda: Document
  • Speaker and Moderator Bios: Document

  • Session 1: Technology: Energy Storage as a Key Enabler of a New Electrification Wave
    Link to Recording: Video

  • Session 2:  Business Roundtable: Perspectives of Industry Incumbents and Disruptors
    Link to Recording: Video

    • Kristin Brief, Ambri Document
    • Sandeep Dudhwewala, National Grid  Document
    • Archan Padmanabhan, Tesla Motors

  • Session 3: Economics: Making Energy Storage Profitable
    Link to Recording: Video

  • Session 4: Policy Roundtable: Market Design for Energy Storage and Hybrid Systems
    Link to Recording: Video

    • Jason Burwen, Energy Storage Association Document
    • Christopher Parent, ISO New England  Document
    • Stephen Pike, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center  Document
    • Helena Teschner, Bundesverband Energiespeicher e.V.  Document

  • Keynote Address by:
    Judith F. Judson, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources  Document /  Video

2016 EnBW-MIT CEEPR Energy Policy Conference: Predicting the Unpredictable | 2016-09-08 | Berlin, Germany

  • Agenda: Document

  • Speaker and Moderator Bios: Document

  • Session 1: Social Influences on Decision Making: Unwanted Bias or Helpful Support by Bernhard Streicher, University of Health Sciences Hall i.T.  Document
  • Session 1: Analytical Decision Making, Heuristics or Gut Feelings? by Shabnam Mousavi, John Hopkins University  Document
  • Session 2: A Risk Perspective on European Markets by Christoph Weber, University Duisburg-Essen  Document
  • Session 2: Technological Uncertainty in Energy: The Importance of Relying on Markets by Christopher Knittel, MIT  Document
  • Session 3: Addressing Uncertainty in Integrated Assessment Modeling by Sergey Paltsev, MIT  Document
  • Session 3: Addressing Uncertainty in Corporate Decision Making in the Energy Sector by Jorg Jasper, EnBW  Document
  • Session 4: Uncertainty and Climate Policy: Addressing Catastrophe Risk by Robert Pindyck, MIT Document
  • Session 4: Managing Emerging Risks and Uncertainty at Munich Re by Rainer Sachs, Munich Re  Document
  • Session 5: How to Prepare? Decision Making Under Uncertainty in Practice by Christoph Ruhl, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority  Document
  • Session 5: Strategy Under Uncertainty - How to Use Scenario Technology for Long Term Energy Futures by Karl Rose, World Energy Council  Document

2016 CEEPR & EPRG European Energy Policy Conference | 2016-07-07 | Paris, France

  • Agenda: Document

  • Speaker and Moderator Bios: Document

  • Session 1: In Search of Good Energy (Transition) Policy by Patrice Geoffron, University Paris, Dauphine  Document
  • Session 1: In Search of 'Good' Energy Policy by Michael Pollitt, EPRG  Document
  • Session 2: Fossil Fuel Supply and Energy Security by Christopher Knittel, MIT Document
  • Session 2: EU Energy Security by Beatriz Sinobas, European Commission Document
  • Session 3: Which Smart Electricty Services Contracts Will Consumers Accept? by Laura-Lucia Richer, EPRG Document
  • Session 3: New Business Models for the Energy Transition by Fabien Roques, University Paris, Dauphine  Document
  • Session 4: Energy Mix and Climate Change, From Descartes to Alain by Yves Brechet, CEA  Document
  • Session 4: Is Nuclear the Key to Global Decarbonisation? by Simon Taylor, EPRG  Document
  • Session 5: Energy Storage: Recent Developments and Future Potential by David Newbery, EPRG  Document
  • Session 5: The Role of Energy Storage: What is Needed? by Donald Sadoway, MIT  Document
  • Session 6 Panel Session: "Now Comes the Hard Part:" Climate Policy After COP21 by

    • Christian Gollier, Toulouse School of Economics Document
    • Michael Grubb, University College London  Document
    • Henry Jacoby, MIT  Document  

  • Keynote Address by Dr. Fatih Birol, International Energy Agency Document

2016 Spring MIT CEEPR Research Workshop | 2016-05-12 | Cambridge, MA


  • Session 1A:  Will We Ever Stop Using Fossil Fuels by Christopher Knittel, MIT  Document Video
  • Session 1B:  The Outlook for Fossil Fuels ... A Social License to Operate? by Dan Domeracki, Schlumberger Document Video
  • Session 2A:  After the Paris Summit: Achieving National Contributions by John Reilly, MIT  Document Video
  • Session 2B:  Dynamics of Energy Technology Development and Outlook Under the Paris Agreement by Jessika Trancik, MIT Video
  • Session 3A:  Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Experience with Cap-and-Trade by Richard Schmalensee, MIT  Document Video
  • Session 3B:  Emissions Trading: Lessons Learned and Prospects for the Future by Michael Mehling, MIT  Document Video
  • Session 4A:  Are There Environmental Benefits from Driving Electric Vehicles? The Importance of Local Factors by Erin Mansur, Dartmouth College  Document Video
  • Session 4B:  Taken for a Ride ... or Not? by Stephen Zoepf, MIT and Stanford University 
  • Dinner Keynote: "Climate, Energy, and Security: Risks and Opportunities" by Kerry Emanuel, MIT Video
  • Session 5A:  Air Pollution, Environmental Regulation and the Indian Electricity Sector by Maureen Cropper, University of Maryland  Document Video
  • Session 5B:  Drilling in Drought: Groundwater Extraction in India and China by Ujjayant Chakravorty, Tufts University  Document Video
  • Session 6A:  The Impact of Uncertainty on the Need and Design of Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms in Low-Carbon Power Systems by Fernando de Sisternes, MIT and Argonne National Laboratory  Document Video
  • Session 6B:  Challenges in Pricing Retail Electricity Efficiently by Steven Puller, Texas A&M University  Document Video


2015 Fall MIT CEEPR Research Workshop | 2015-11-19 | Cambridge, MA

  • Session 1A: BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2015 by Mark Finley, BP  Document / Video
  • Session 1B: Limit Pricing and the (In)Effectiveness of the Carbon Tax by Julien Daubanes, ETH Zurich  Document / Video
  • Session 2A: Valuing CO2 Emissions Changes: Understanding and Applying Social Cost of Carbon by Ann Wolverton, US EPA  Document / Video
  • Session 2B: Growth Impacts and the Social Cost of Carbon by Frances Moore, UC Berkeley  Document / Video
  • Session 3A: Climate Change Policy: The Use and Misuse of Models by Robert Pindyck, MIT  Document / Video
  • Session 3B: Scenarios, Uncertainty and Decision Support Tools for Climate Policy by Sergey Paltsev, MIT  Document / Video
  • Session 4A: Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms in the EU Electricity Market by Carlos Batlle, Comillas University  Document / Video
  • Session 4B: Capacity Markets in Everything... Gas Pipeline Edition by John Parsons, MIT  Document / Video
  • Session 5A: Vehicle Scrappage and Gasoline Policy by Arthur van Benthem, University of Pennsylvania  Document / Video
  • Session 5B: Do Firms Pre-buy? Analyzing Strategic Responses to Environmental Regulation by Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins, MIT and EDF  Document / Video
  • Session 6A: The Distributional Effects of U.S. Clean Energy Tax Credits by Lucas Davis, UC Berkeley  Document / Video
  • Session 6B: The Importance of How You Support Clean Technology: Lessons from Biofuels by Christopher Knittel, MIT  Document / Video

2015 EPRG & CEEPR European Energy Policy Conference | 2015-07-09 | London, United Kingdom

  • Pre-session address by Erik Bonino, Shell
  • Session 1A: Setting a Framework for the Energy Transition: Envisioning a Global Carbon Market by Michael Mehling, MIT Document
  • Session 1B: Progress with Carbon Markets by Michael Pollitt, EPRG  Document
  • Session 2 Panel Session: The Role for Gas in the Energy Transition by
    • Chris Johnson, Shell
    • Robert Ritz, EPRG  Document
    • Christopher Knittel, MIT  Document
    • Steven Fries, DECC
  • Session 3A: Energy Transition in China: A Focus on Gas Market Liberalisation by Mallika Ishwaran, Shell
  • Session 3B: Financial Arbitrage and Efficient Dispatch in Wholesale Electricity Markets by John Parsons, MIT  Document
  • Session 4A: Reflections on CCS Demonstration: Demonstrate What, When, Where, and Why? by David Reiner, EPRG  Document
  • Session 4B: Contributions of CCS to the Energy Transition by Howard Herzog, MIT  Document
  • Session 5A: Electric Cars: Mass Rollout, but When? by David Newbery, EPRG  Document
  • Session 5B:  Low Carbon Transport Options by Roger Hunter, Shell  Document
  • Session 6A: Trust and International Energy Co-Operation – Case Studies from Europe, Russia, and Beyond by Marc Ozawa, EPRG  Document
  • Session 6B: The Geopolitics of Gas in Europe: Conflicts between Political Correctness and Natural Gas Analysis by Jonathan Stern, OIES  Document

2015 Spring MIT CEEPR Research Workshop | 2015-05-21 | Cambridge, MA

  • Session 1A: Social Physics and Energy by Sandy Pentland, MIT  Document / Video
  • Session 1B: Learning from Schools about Energy Efficiency by Christopher Knittel, MIT  Document / Video
  • Session 2A: Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) at a Crossroads by Howard Herzog, MIT  Document / Video
  • Session 2B: The View from the Bridge: CCUS now to 2025 by S. Julio Friedmann, US Dept. of Energy  Document / Video
  • Session 3A: New Markets for Pollution and Energy Efficiency: Credit Trading under Automobile Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Economy Standards by Benjamin Leard, Resources for the Future  Document / Video
  • Session 3B: Cash for Corollas: When Stimulus Reduces Spending by Jeremy West, MIT  Document / Video
  • Session 4A: A Look at Regional Energy Challenges, Trends, and Proposed Infrastructure by Eric Johnson, ISO New England  Document / Video
  • Session 4B: Building and Operating Energy Infrastructure in North America by Greg Zwick, TransCanada  Document / Video
  • Session 5B: C&I Economic Demand Response: Show me the $$$ by Micah Remley, EnerNOC Video
  • Session 6A&B: Access to Energy: Insights from the Field by Rhonda Jordan, World Bank and Robert Stoner, MIT  Document / Video


2014 Fall MIT CEEPR Research Workshop | 2014-11-20 | Cambridge, MA

  • Session 1A: The Geopolitics of Natural Gas by Sergey Paltsev, MIT Document / Video
  • Session 1B: The Economics of Energy Security by Gilbert E. Metcalf, Tufts University Document /  Video

  • Session 2A: A Perspective on the Clean Power Plan: Stringency and Form by Karen Palmer, Resources for the Future  Document /  Video
  • Session 2B: Strategic Policy Choice in State-Level Regulation: The EPA’s Clean Power Plan by Christopher R. Knittel, MIT  Document /  Video

  • Session 3A: The Evolution of Distributed Resources in New England by Henry Yoshimura, ISO New England  Document /  Video
  • Session 3B: Should Residential PV Receive More Generous Subsidies than Utility-Scale PV? by Richard Schmalensee  Document /  Video

  • Session 4A: Water-Energy Nexus by Adam Schlosser, MIT  Document /  Video
  • Session 4B: Does the Environment Still Matter? Daily Temperature and Income in the US by Solomon Hsiang, UC Berkeley  Document /  Video

  • Session 5A: Challenges and Policy Options in China's Passenger Transport Sector by Shanjun Li, Cornell University  Document /  Video
  • Session 5B: China’s Energy System in Transition: Insights from the  China Energy and Climate Project at MIT by Valerie Karplus, MIT  Document /  Video

  • Session 6A: CAFE Rulemaking Analysis: A Partial Introduction by Kevin Green, US Dept of Transportation  Document /  Video
  • Session 6B: One National Program Enabling Clean Cars from the OEM Perspective by Chris Nevers, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers  Document /  Video

  • CEEPR Keynote Speaker: Transportation Fuels Policy, Biofuels, and the RFS by Jim Stock, Harvard University Document

2014 CEEPR & EPRG European Energy Policy Conference | 2014-07-02 | Madrid, Spain

  • Pre-session address by José María Marín-Quemada (Spanish National Authority for Markets and Competition)
  • Session 1A: European Energy and Climate Outlook for 2030 by David Newbery, EPRG
  • Session 1B: Is the EU-ETS Up to the Task? by Michael Mehling, MIT
  • Session 2A: Hydraulic Fracturing: The US Experience and Implications for the Rest of the World by Chris Knittel, MIT
  • Session 2B: Ukraine and Security of Gas Supplies to Europe by Kong Chyong, EPRG
  • Session 3A: Self-Consumption and Net Balancing: Issues and Solutions by Oscar Arnedillo, NERA Economic Consulting
  • Session 3B-i: World Energy Outlook 2030: Key trends and Drivers by Marco Baroni, IEA
  • Session 3B-ii: World Energy Investment Outlook by Marco Baroni, IEA
  • Session 4A: Future Utility Models based on Distributed Energy Resources by Agustín Delgado, Iberdrola
  • Session 4B: Utilities of the Future by Tomás Gómez, IIT Comillas University
  • Session 5A: Universalization of electricity supply by Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga, IIT Comillas University
  • Session 5B:  Universal access to electricity: models, challenges, and opportunities by Carlos Sallé, Iberdrola
  • Session 6A: Investments in Generating Capacity: The Role of Risk and Long-term Contracts by John Parsons, MIT
  • Session 6B: Towards a Zero Subsidy World? by David Reiner, EPRG

2014 Spring MIT CEEPR Research Workshop | 2014-05-15 | Cambridge, MA

  • Workshop Agenda  Document  

  • Session 1A: The Economic Consequences of Hydraulic Fracturing by Christopher Knittel, MIT Document  
  • Session 1B: Unconventional Oil and Gas by Francis O’Sullivan, MIT
  • Session 2: Renewable Energy and its Impact on Electricity Markets by Michael Greenstone, MIT and Dan Berwick, Borrego Solar Systems Inc.  Document  
  • Session 3A: Anticipating COP-21 Negotiations by Henry D. Jacoby, MIT  Document  
  • Session 3B: Speculations on Future Directions in U.S. Climate Policy by Joseph E. Aldy, Harvard University  Document  
  • Session 4A:Testing for Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation, Field Experimental Evidence from Energy Demand by Koichiro Ito, Boston University  Document  
  • Session 4B: Adapting Electricity Markets to Uncertain Futures by David McHale, Northeast Utilities  Document  
  • Session 5A: The Value of Transmission in Electricity Markets: Evidence from a Nuclear Power Plant Closure by Catie Hausman, University of Michigan  Document  
  • Session 5B:  Dispatching Nuclear Power, a Longer-Term Prospective by Charles Forsberg, MIT  Document  
  • Session 6A: The Economics of Attribute-Based Regulation: Theory and Evidence from Fuel-Economy Standards by James M. Sallee, University of Chicago  Document  
  • Session 6B: Towards Sustainable Mobility, Current Trends and Implications by Wai K. Cheng, MIT  Document  


2013 Fall MIT CEEPR Research Workshop | 2013-11-21 | Cambridge, MA

  • Workshop Agenda Document

  • Session 1A: The Value of Distributed Generation by Ignacio J. Perez-Arriaga, MIT  Document
  • Session 2A&B: The E2e Project: Evidence for Action on Energy Efficiency by Christopher Knittel and Michael Greenstone, MIT  Document
  • Session 3A: Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneity of Marginal Emissions by Erin Mansur, Dartmouth  Document
  • Session 3B: Plug-in Electric Vehicles and GHG Emissions by William Chernicoff, Toyota  Document
  • Session 5B: Economics of Aviation Biofuels by Robert Malina, MIT  Document
  • Session 6A: The Overinfluence of Weather Fluctuations on Convertible and 4 Wheel Drive Purchases by Meghan Busse, Northwestern University  Document
  • Session 6B: Fungibility and Consumer Choice by Justine Hastings, Brown University  Document

2013 EnBW-MIT CEEPR Energy Policy Conference: Paths towards a New Energy Market Design | 2013-09-05 | Berlin, Germany

  • Session 1A: Utility of the Future by Ignacio J. Perez-Arriaga, MIT
  • Session 1B: Functioning of Energy Markets in the Future by Felix Höffler, EWI
  • Session 2A: Design of Price Zones by Matti Supponen, EU-Commission
  • Session 2B: Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Market Integration Schemes by Christoph Maurer, Consentec
  • Session 3A: Transmission Planning in Europe by Mats Nilsson, mnCONTEXT
  • Session 3B: Smart Regulation by Christian von Hirschhausen, TU Berlin
  • Session 4A: Future Design Issues of Wholesale Electricity Markets by Carlos Batlle, Comillas University
  • Session 4B: Future of Capacity Markets by Annegret Groebel, Bundesnetzagentur
  • Session 5A: Germany as a Solar Role Model for the World by Eicke R. Weber, Fraunhofer ISE
  • Session 5B: The Value, Costs, and Subsidies for Solar Generation in the US by John Parsons, MIT

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