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Welcome to the CEEPR Associates website

The relevance of CEEPR research is enhanced through cooperation with government, industry and public interest Associates.

Becoming a CEEPR Associate secures the following benefits:

  • Participation¬†in all CEEPR events, including three annual workshops;
  • Biannual newsletter summarizing news and current research;
  • Early access to CEEPR working papers and other publications;
  • Opportunities to place staff members in residence at CEEPR;
  • An invitation to visit CEEPR researchers at the MIT campus;
  • Other joint activities, such as events or research projects.

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Individuals whose organizations are Associates should contact Tony Tran to be given access to the site.

Become a CEEPR Associate
If you or your company is not yet a CEEPR Associate and are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Joshua Hodge to begin a conversation.

MIT CEEPR is jointly sponsored by the MIT Sloan School of Management, the MIT Department of Economics, and the MIT Energy Initiative.