Student Information

For Current MIT Students:
CEEPR conducts a number of research projects employing MIT students as research assistants. These typically require a commitment of at least a full academic year and possibly two. Most projects start with the beginning of the academic year, and hiring for these positions may happen any time from a full semester ahead of time through the first couple of weeks of the year.

CEEPR also regularly participates in MIT’s UROP program.

CEEPR is also here to be supportive of any student’s original research project related to the economics of energy or environmental policy. We are interested in talking to you about your projects and learning how we might help advance your work.

To inquire about possible positions or about your research, please contact the Executive Director, Michael Mehling.

For Prospective MIT Students:
CEEPR is a non-degree granting institution within MIT. All degree programs are organized by departments, and students must be admitted to a department. CEEPR exists as a focus point for research, and many Masters degree and Ph.D. degree candidates work as research assistants with us. But first the student must have matriculated to one of the departments. For information about admissions and about how your energy or environmental interests match MIT’s educational options, please contact a department directly.

Energy and Environment Courses at MIT:
MIT also offers open courseware which can be accessed online.